Easy Language Center

Easy Language Center is a team of highly professional translators and language teachers who possess many years of experience in translation and teaching children, teenagers and adults.

We specialize in: Polish, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

We are located in Opole but we do business with people from all over the world thanks to the Internet.

We use SKYPE, GG and e-mail in order to teach, translate and communicate with our clients, even those who are far away or are unable to leave their home or office.

We are members of the Polish Association of Technical Translators NOT. Our number in the NOT register is 011308.


Please contact us:

Firma szkoleniowo-tłumaczeniowa ELC

Magdalena Jasiurska-Kwiecień

ul. Bielska 57 m 6

45-401 Opole



mobile phone number: (0048) 515-100-464

office phone number: (0048) 77 551-11-02

e-mail address: elc8383@gmail.com

SKYPE: magdalena.jasiurska

GG: 23566195

For further details see also: http://www.tlumaczenia.boost.pl/


Prices for a translated page (1800 characters with spaces)

PLN 29 - 37 (up to 6 pages a day)

PLN 36 - 45 (6 - 12 pages a day)

PLN 50 (more than 12 pages a day)